Hearings : the White Zone very largely beaten by Sam

Yesterday evening, it was the return of the “White Zone” on France 2 after almost two years of absence. She had to deal with another fiction of the French on TF1 : the season 3 of “Sam”. The fight has largely turned to the advantage of the second… Nicolas Velter/ Ego prod/ Be films on Monday evening, T F1 could count on Sam, his series with Natacha Lindinger who has risen to the head of the hearings. The two episodes of season 3 were attended by an average of 3.8 million viewers, according to figures from Médiamétrie. The audience share amounted to 18.5% on the whole public, and 23.6% on the target women responsible for purchases of less than fifty years. A performance not particularly impressionnanre but about a week ago, the series is very stable, which is an undeniable level of satisfaction. On France 2, this is season 2 of the series fantastico-police White Area which starts in… almost two years after the first one… The penalty is unsurprisingly very severe : the two episodes were attended by 1.9 million French average audience share of 9% in the public overall and 6.5% on the target. A very poor performance in sum, as much as season 1 had seduced an average of 3 million people (12.4%) in April 2017. A season 3 is, therefore, very unlikely, despite a certain popularity of the series on Amazon in the world where it is available under the title “Blackspot”.