The Village : what is this new drama choral in the line of This Is Us ?

The Village, new drama, choral, sets the stage for the inhabitants of a building in New York. Lots of characters, lots of intrigue into a first episode that doesn’t skimp on the quantity. What is it about ? Nothing to do with the film of M. Night Shyamalan, The Village is the name of a building in Brooklyn, and the series followed the lives of its inhabitants.

It is with that ? A series of choral, distribution rich ! In the role of a veteran’s income from Iraq with one leg less, we find Warren Christie (Chicago Fire, The Resident) ; in the case of a single mother, Michaela McManus (Vampire Diaries) who must take care of the pregnancy of his daughter, played by Grace Van Dien (Greenhouse Academy) ; the intendant of the building is held by Frankie Faison (“Grey’s Anatomy, Banshee) and his wife, by Lorraine Toussaint (Orange is the new black, The Fosters) ; it is also found in the role of a young lawyer Daren Kagasoff (Red Band Society) and his father, Dominic Chianese (The Sopranos, The Godfather). Finally, Jerod Haynes (Empire) is the personification of a police officer.

It’s worth the look ? The modes are cyclic and there is no reason that the tv escaped. Since the surprise success of This is us, the drama series choral discovering a new youth. In September, A Million Little Things on ABC came to add his stone to the edifice, today, NBC completes its offer with The Village .

In the idea, these series can be defined as being anti-high concept, these works pose a very basic premise, very strong, full of mysteries (type Lost, or this year’s Manifest). Only unlike the castaways of the island, few have managed as well to mark the history as to impose on the duration. A good idea is not always a good series. With The Village (or This is us , A Million Little Things , etc.), it is the opposite. There is not Great History, but of modest intrigue (it is a little beefy still, we come back to that) and, above all, of the characters. They are the engines of history. Finally, the main character, it is mainly the building since it is he who concentrates all. In a few years, if success there is, the authors can be easily changed in the distribution. After all, the tenants move in, the apartments remain. Peter Kramer/NBC

Here it is not a matter of family in the literal sense of the term, or a group of friends, but residents of a building. One cannot choose its neighbors, but the series show a microcosm welded together on the roof of the building to celebrate the coming of the new entrant (for example, there will certainly be other excuses, after all, it is practical to get everyone together at the same place). The spirit feast of neighbors pushed to its paroxysm. The building is not the only binding, the authors will then imagine of the stories permeable, each introducing themselves one way or another in the life of his companion to overcome. The young law student is going to find themselves dealing with the record of a tenant in an irregular situation, the police will take care of her son until everything feels loose ; the veteran will go to work in the bar of the steward, his coming is not completely innocent ; there is a desire to link the characters other than by their home (which would have been enough) and thus adds a good dose of drama, until feeling too full for a single episode. The menu is particularly rich and bold.

It is a bit of a problem for a lot of drivers, the desire to fill the bottle to ensure intoxication. With the Peak TV (the increase of the production of the series on the screens in the us), this is the era of speed dating where you need to be able to seduce in a short time, at the risk of going over to the door. It is then in the presence of the first episodes that burn out a lot of cartridges in a single blow, and find themselves breathless at the end of five. The advantage of The Village , it is that the source will not be dried up forever, and there is always the possibility to inject new entrants. Only one would like sometimes that the series are the virtues of patience, especially to tame a lot of the characters to the plots, dense and connected.
“the family is the one that we found,” said one of the characters. With The Village , it is in a modern version. Not like the famous sitcom, but for its mechanics. The family is a theater get together where stories are simple and varied. The idea is good, the realization, in the absence of surprise, is efficient and professional. Is this sufficient ? Not sure… The Village – saison 1 Teaser VO

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