X-Men the beginning : this actor Shazam has failed to embody the film’s villain

While he is currently on the poster of “Shazam”, the famous british actor Mark Strong has recently revealed that it had failed to participate in another prestigious film of super-heroes : “X-Men: the Beginning”. 20th Century Fox While he embodies the machiavellian Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in the face of Zachary Levi in Shazam (currently in theaters), Mark Strong has said recently at the bend of an interview with Comingsoon that he had failed to lend its traits to another super-villain, this time on the side of Marvel : the cruel Sebastian Shaw, eventually played by Kevin Bacon in X-Men: The Beginning. Indeed, Mark Strong, whose career is regularly spiced by a role of bad guy, was offered the role by director Matthew Vaughn, with whom he had to work on Kick-Ass. But history vary a little pleasures, he had finally declined the proposal : 20th Century Fox, Matthew Vaughn has asked me to play in X-Men: The Beginning,” he thus recounted. “There was a villain in the movie who was portrayed by Kevin Bacon. As I spoke German, it seemed logical for me to accept this role, given that I had already worked with him [Matthew Vaughn], but I believe that at this time, we both felt that… I just came to embody Blackwook in Sherlock Holmes, and it was starting to make a lot of bad guys in no time. Therefore we decided to abstain for this one.” As a reminder, Sebastian Shaw, a former nazi officer who had killed the mother of the young Magneto under his eyes, is a mutant powerhouse capable of absorbing the kinetic energy of the beings that surround it. At the head of the Hellfire Club, he was given the mission to trigger a Third World War by provoking a nuclear confrontation between the United States and the USSR in the 60s. (Re)discover the trailer of the film… X-Men: The Beginning trailer VF

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