Xavier Dolan, the Control Freak gifted

While his seventh film, “My life with John F. Donovan” will be released in room this Wednesday, return on a look that was claimed by its director, Xavier Dolan : his side, a Control Freak, absolute of all the chain of creation of a film. From A to Z. Giancarlo Gorassini/BestImage The person said very readily, and assume : he has a true next to Control Freak. “It was not time, not money, then what good palaver and arguing ?” he said in an interview with Inrocks. On his films, he is both actor (in I killed my mother, The imaginary Loves and Tom at the farm) producer, artistic director, screenwriter, producer, editor…In Mommy, he is also the head costumer. For Just the end of the world, it deals with the subtitling of his film in English. What else ? Ah yes, he did his own trailers, and sign posters of his films. “When he writes a script, he already leads the final scene, and imagine the trailer so that the script is barely started,” explained even the actress Anne Dorval, who plays regularly in his films. “On the plateau, he wants to control everything, plays the roles of each, can shout and scream if a decision does not suit him. When he has not what he wants, there is a continuing sixteen, seventeen hours a day, but it is necessary to see what he gets !” continued the actress. In fact, her involvement goes as far as to the realization of press kits of his films : “I think I’m the best person to translate my film document. And this first contact journalists with the personality of my movie is super important. Otherwise I read all the reviews of my films, the good and the bad. Some are interesting – often, others sometimes unfair…I know people have talked a lot about my narcissism, for example, in Tom at the farm, because I was assigned the role of main, because I like to film me and put me in value. For me, it’s the stupidity.” Xavier Dolan or the swiss army knife of cinema. In promotion for his film Mommy, the filmmaker was returned on this aspect of her personality.. Xavier Dolan : "I make my folders of press and I read all the reviews of my films"